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Thread: [Challenge] Oisterboy's Food Journal

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    Default [Challenge] Oisterboy's Food Journal

    So, I am challenging Oisterboy to post his food intake and physical activity for the next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oisterboy View Post
    Fat guy here - I hate fat people. I really don't do fat guy stuff. I don't over eat, I don't eat garbage. I do sit around a lot in the winter, but I'm pretty mobile in the summer. I hate so much to play the genes card, but my whole family is pretty fat. They all totally deserve it though. I dunno, I don't really even think about it until someone brings up fat people. I just do what I do how I dooooooooo it. I don't have any trouble l-i-v-i-n', and no real health problems. I dunno. Just feel obligated to post for the huge minority of people like me. Most fat people are gross as **** and have brought it on themselves. I'm disgusted by the garbage people eat, and yet I get lumped in with them. BLAH!

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    While I mean to cause no offense in regards to Oister, or anyone whom is overweight.

    Genes and other medical reasons for why you are that size, aren't really all that applicable.

    Whilst, yes, you may put on weight easier, you may have a harder time losing weight and other such things which come with genetics, you have to adjust your diet to match your body's needs.

    Your body has a calorific requirement, for some the line between "Underfed" and "Overfed" may be smaller, it's a case of finding the right balance.

    As for this topic however, whilst there is nothing in a rules to say "Don't do this", it borders on being a bit rude to call somebody out.

    Oister is capable of making a topic himself, and unlocking this one. If he so desires. Forcing his hand and calling him out isn't really socially acceptable.

    And, so, I'm going to lock this topic. By all means continue discussion in your other thread, but, please do not directly aim challenge people without their agreement to take part.
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