I was thinking do you guys know the history behind your house.

The home i live in was built some where way back. I think 18hundreds are something. It used to be a hotel back in the civil war era. It was aslo a slave plantation. Later on they separate the hotel into two homes. One was one time on the church propriety <....spelt wrong? but then was taking down are something as this was before i was born into this world. any ways my house. while having some modern things added to it like a bath room and electricity and a few modern windows and a siding is to old. We have to run most things off a drop cord. Any ways. A little family history as well. Where i live my ancestors owned everything the farms the lands and so on in this area. I know sounds crazy. So really i should be rich are something. But somehow the money was lost are something i dont know as i never ask my grandmum. While she was but a child here parents the bobit side owned a gold mine and some things. Again i dont know all my history but some how are something went wrong and money was lost. I enjoy asking my grandmother about my past family she has millions of storys. But sadly by the time i was born all of them was dead. Thank god my grandmum is alive.

So yea please share yours