Allods archer class was pretty freaking awesome. It has one "trap" skill that I tend to use on melee classes just to screw with them. Basically it just throws a bunch of spikes/marbles on the ground and if they try to move they fall down. If they don't move...well they are still screwed. Loved playing the archer on that game because it also looks pretty freaking bad ass later on!

It has two versions and depending on you you can go:

F2P- Also known as the p2w version. You could play on this one to test out the game and see how well it stacks up in terms of if you like it and are willing to invest in a subscription. If you can no life the game and farm gold for hours on end then you can stick to this one and have a fairly enjoyable time...if you're into farming for hours.

P2P- Same as the f2p minus the p2w factor. The more you play the game the better you get. This is if you have an actual life and don't want to spend hour upon hour playing just to get that one cash shop item in order to be considered good.

RIFT has a pretty awesome hunter as well and that's f2p. Haven't looked into the cash shop but it's fun and allows you to customize your character via the skill tree. So you can just stick to the trees that have nothing to do with traps/pets and focuses on mobility and ranged damage :3