I think Starcraft 2 is not only my favorite video game in the entire world, it is also my favorite and most enjoyed hobby. I am, simply put, an eSports fanatic. Professional gaming has always intrigued me and I keep a close eye on not only the Starcraft pro scene but also that of DoTA 2. LoL not so much really.

I'd really like to share my love of eSports and affection for Starcraft 2 with all of you, and now it's become easier than ever!

Starcraft 2 has officially become free to play, though as it says in the title, there is a catch.

The only features of Starcraft 2 that you can not access with a Starter Edition account are the campaign and ranked ladder matches. BUT if you are in a party with someone who bought the game, you can play ranked team ladder matches just not ranked 1v1 matches.

This means all 3 races are available. Every map ever made is available, blizzard maps, old ladder maps, current ladder maps, custom maps, and even the maps you've created on your own!

This ALSO means that the arcade is free, as well as the map editor and extension mod editor. The arcade is a compilation of all the custom games people have created using Blizzard's tools. Honestly, there are so many arcade games it's ridiculous, and most of them could be considered complex enough to be their own game. Custom controls, graphics, textures, everything. The arcade is the hub for all "UMS" games for those who have played Brood War in the past. The potential of the arcade and map editor to make these arcade games is literally limitless.

I'm very excited about this momentous day, as this will surely bring a new influx of players.

If anyone wants to get started in Starcraft 2, feel free to message me and I can teach you some basics and/or play some team games with you. I am a Diamond Terran player, so I am OKAY at this game.

We can even play a limitless number of arcade games together!

I could try my hardest to explain all the brand new wonderful features in Starcraft 2, but hopefully I've provided the incentive to try it out yourself!

If you have ANY questions at all, if I've made things unclear for you, please ask either in this thread or message me.

Any ways, here are a few links for you folks to check out.

Direct Link to Starter Edition Page: https://us.battle.net/account/sc2/starter-edition/

Free Arcade and More: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/124...more-1-21-2014 (watch the video on this page for sure)

Art Tools: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/124...ools-1-21-2014

Blizzard Arcade Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=RWKDxiIUyp4

GL HF!!~~

TL;DR: Starcraft 2 is free to play except for campaign and ranked matches, click the links above to learn more.