Hello guys ,

I am posting right here to make my interest in a new game public.
I'm a german gamer who played a lot of games the last 4-6 years. I tried everything out , from games i really enjoyed (PWI, Cabal, Tera) up to games i didnt liked at all (Mobas, Path of Exile .. )

Now I'm looking for a game which I will play for a long long time.

Things I would love to have in it :
- A High Level Cap, so not like Tera in that fact, reaching level 60 took about 1-2 weeks and this is not what i really enjoyed
- Player Customization. ( Tera / PWI Like. :-) )
- an auto-walk system (PWI is the best example)
- An End-Game content which is playable alone. (maybe an OP class could be enough, lol. )
- Mounts, i love mounts, that's just easy.
- Maybe, if this it possible at all, but i dont think so, an game without any Premium Content, but I dont think that this is easy to find.
- High Player Base.

Thanks a lot guys! Any Hints will help me out.