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Thread: Naruto 662

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    Default Naruto 662

    what a chapter. I wish naruto was full of suspense and stuff like this all the time...

    it WAS mentioned in a previous chapter that either Naruto or Sasuke was going to die....was in the prophecy of the hermit frogs if I recall~

    wonder if it will come true?

    either way, one fanbase will be raging really hard.
    "When it comes to the past, EVERYONE writes fiction." -Stephen King

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    hmm, i dont think they will die. maybe tsunade will give up her life to revive naruto like that granny did for gaara before.
    i think sakura could do the same but i dont think they would kill her off.

    as for sasuke the same can be said but with Karin sacrificing her life for him, since she also has great medical skills

    edit: also i just read the little letters in the bottom right... FUUUUUUU!!! lol
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