Well, I tried to rejoin Tumblr, only it seems that two freaking times now I find a post I like I later learn the person who created the post was bullied off of the site with death threats from people who disagreed.
Maybe it's my depression and anxiety but I can't handle that kind of mess.

I like Onrpg, by the way.
You guys don't threaten to kill me if you disagree, and if it gets out of line in hostility then the thread is locked and et cetera.
It's controlled chaos I guess.

Do sites like Tumblr end up too hostile sounding simply because they have so many people?
What about gaming communities?
Maple Story isn't exactly known for friendliness.

Have you ever turned away from a community online and in games and the like, nothing bad even happening to you, but you just don't feel comfortable there?