I noticed this community is a lot nicer than others I've been apart of. I've even posted controversial posts/threads and still wasn't completely ostracized. The worst I experienced was Phenoca's insults, which influenced my departure from the forum for a week. For some reason, he thinks he's allowed to degrade me because we know each other.

I left previous forums because of the hostile environment. I don't agree with this "it's the internet" mentality a plethora of people use to enable online bullying. The internet consists of people who should have a sense of morality and polite social mannerisms that were ingrained into us by schools, guardians, and law.

Moreover, I think a large portion of online bullies are children who are oblivious to their own vile behavior. I was one of these people. It wasn't until my late teens and first-hand social experience that I was able to recognize my previous behavior and become capable of changing it. To this day I can't fully understand why I mistreated others, but it probably relates to how I was raised and what I was taught.

This internet generation is much different than previous generations; children need to be educated about the internet and how their behavior can affect others. Parents aren't enough and often times they don't know about the internet themselves. Therefore, I'd strongly support a mandatory educational class solely dedicated to teaching students about the internet. How it works, potential predators, how to stay safe, positive outlets, what to do if he/she feels suicidal/depressed because of imagery/comments, how his/her behavior can affect others and lead to severe repercussions mentally, physically, and legally, etc. It would also be beneficial if it taught the basic definitions of DDoSing, hacking, etc. and how to protect and prevent such occurrences.

Most, if not all, people will use the internet at some point in their lives. Better to start educating early to help prevent unnecessary victims.