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Thread: getting back into the MMO scene

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    Default getting back into the MMO scene

    Seeing as I no longer work past 5 pm now, with weekends off I'll be having a lot more free time. My PC build is coming along nicely, and I'm wondering what's out there?

    I haven't played really anything, since maybe March of '13 ,save for tibia which I played casually for a bit when I bought premium status just to offline train everyday all summer.

    So, what's coming out and what's to look out for? One game on my hit list is ESO, but that's in April, and hopefully it isn't a huge flop, but then again I played RIFT for almost an entire year..and I got to tier 10 in World of I'm not that hard to please.

    Thanks for any input guys.

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    A bunch of us are playing Secret World, that's always worth a go. Robocraft is also an excellent game if you like vehicle shooter style things where you build your robot out of blocks. Sadly i scrapped my favorite robot in that last one and can't remember how to rebuild him :c

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