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Thread: The Liquor Map of the World

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    Looks like fun to me, when the creatures die and freeze then burst into a bunch of smaller cubes makes me squeal like a small girl.

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    Damn Chinese Communist rebels think they're so hipster with their brandy.
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    Hahaha only Mexicans are crazy enough to drink Tequila over all the rest.

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    Living in the Philippines I can definitely attest that the Emperador Brandy company fuels this economy. In close second would be Red Horse Extra Strong beer. A filipino friend once told me that "Filipinos are light drinkers. Because we drink as soon as it's light outside."

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    gosh i hate vod. it's only at parties cause the ladies love it.

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    Default only really wins in the US because its dirt cheap and you can mix it with literally almost anything.

    Personally, if I had to choose one liquor for the rest of my days, but I got good quality shit and unlimited mixers, it'd be -

    Also really really love Kraken + lemonade, but if I HAD to choose, it'd be a gin and (fresh lime juice lime) tonic. Or gin and cranberry. We had cranberry juice the other day, and I took a sip before I mixed it...I thought the juice was off, but I guess I just don't recognize the taste without gin in it LOL! I alcohol poisoned myself with whiskey as a kid, so the smell of it just makes me turn up my nose - although that syrupy Evan Williams Honey stuff is tasty on the rocks., when theres nothing else available. And tequila...never again. Got 2 4 inch long scars on my arm from when I did a flip and tore my arm on a staple a few years back. I'll have a tequila sunrise now and again, but NEVER will I set out my day goal to be "drink tequila" again.

    If you were to go look at my bar right now, the whiskies are the most empty. But thats because I'm drinking with a girl who likes whiskey + ginger ale lately. Theres a full 2 liter of vodka, and the rest are all about even. Except the tequila, theres only a shot or two from that.

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