Hey guys. Basically I'm looking for a new MMORPG to play. The only ones I've really played are Runescape and Maplestory. I really like Runescape though.
I'm looking for the following in an MMORPG:

*NOT WoW-like
(I swear 90% of every MMORPG ever released is the freakin' same I'm so mad. ):< ) Ex. Rift, GW2, Tera, WoW clones, etc.

*No Anime WoW equivalents
Ex. Aura Kingdom, Eden Eternal, Fiesta, etc.

*Medium - High graphics and playerbase

*Free to play (preferably)

*Unique features

Unique features like player-based economy. Something like Archeage is doing with trade. Caravans, trade ships, house building, combo combat system, anything that is not cliche and found in every WoW like game will do for "unique."

Thank you in advance guys.

P.S. (Little rant)
Why is every mmorpg released now exactly the same? All the UI are exactly the same. Enemy in top left hand corner, skills and hp on middle bottom. Ugh it just disgusts me. It's not just the UI but the pointless quests where it's literally kill x monsters with no story at all! But all that would be bearable if the games had something DIFFERENT about them. Ex. Traveling in caravans, trade ships, guild owned towns -- I don't know, something, anything!