Hey guys,i posted this on another forum and i will do it here too.
Hey guys,my name is Daniel and after playing lots of mmorpgs,and talking with many players,i think that i have the ideea to create an mmorpg neverseen before,something truly magic.But i don't have the contacts and don't know where or with who to talk about this,about my ideeas.
If any company sees this,and is looking for an true visionary in games(mmorpgs)please contact me with reply here or pm on forum,or maybe if any user can help me,or maybe mmobomb staff,please i need your help.

This would be one of the ideeas,ofcourse after i would talk to someone from a company,i could make a presentation with some features:
Atreyia Online

Long time ago,at the dawn of the universe,there were 6 Entities,so powerfull that togheter they could do anything you can imagine.After a while these entities feeled lonely,so togheter they decided to fill this blank space later called universe so they used their power to create suns,stars,planets,nebulas,they created anything they imagined,and the most beautifull creation was a planet filled with neverseen landscapes,but still something was missing and that was life,they wanted someone to worship them,someone to talk to them so these one of these entities Atreyia called her brothers and sisters and she told them her idea;that idea was about creating life consised in different beautifull or monstrous creatures, and the most amazing one would be creatures who could talk,walk,and feel with their look:
Atreiya:She was the goddess of life and love with elf face,later seend in pictures wearing a bow.
Shiran:He was the god of art,music,food and greed,he had the face of a human
Oraklus:He was the god of thunder and fire,having a orc look,he was ferocious and very respected.
Tuscar:He was the god of earth,skill and trading.Although he was small,he was also wise,but at same time greedy.
Firy:She was the goddess of sky,moon and sun.She had a white hair,black eyes and dark blue skin.
Jurus:He was the god of end,begining and war.
So as I said,these entities has gathered at call of Atreiya and when she told her idea about creating life Shiran,Oraklus,Tuscar and Firy agreed,and they used most of their power to create beautifull creatures and 5 races who worshipped them and when they created those races small parts of their power separated and spread across Atreiya planed,named after goddess oflife and love;but Jurus,because of his greedy and continous seek for power he didn't joined them.

Thousands of years have passed,and those five races:elf,human,orc,dwarf and baali evoluated more and more,they learned to use the resources of atreiya,to create buildings,tools and many other things.
All this time,Jurus was consumed by greedy and jealousy,seeing how his brothers are enjoying their lifes among their creation while he was alone in the dark,he created the Dark Elfes,and spread his greedy,jealousy and anger to orcs so two factions have installed:The Mighty Kingdom of Light"Ashiry"(formed by elfs,humans and ballin) and the Coallegiance of Destruction"Othuras"(formed by dwarfs,orcs,and dark elfs).

This is a part of the main story,i won't post more in order to avoid a steal.
Not only that i can give lots of good ideeas for a new project,i can analyze a project already in developpment ,tell what is good and what is not,and give ideas that will improve it.
So if any company sees this please contact me,although i don't have experience as programmator or in game industry,as i said i played lots of mmos/mmorpg:TERA,RIFT,GW2,Neverwinter,Vindictus,Lineage 2,Cabal,MU Online,Shaiya and others.I "analyzed" them and I learned what are their Strenghts and Weaknesses.
Now I have the information necessarry to create something or to help at creating something unique.