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It's true that it will also have a cash shop on top of the box price and subscription fee (And if your on xbox, you can tack a live fee as well.) It's One of the first games to not only double dip, but tripple dip into your pockets.

Honestly I was planning to get the game myself to play with friends till I learned they are already starting down a pay-2-win path by gating content and an entire race before launch. Ah well, $60 to spend on something else, not the end of the world.
ffs! Didn't we see what triple-dipping does with The Secret World?! Even if it's as good a game as that (And it's a good game! :3) it'll still end up either going f2p or b2p before March! Also, sixty dollars you say? Ya know, Everquest Next: Landmark just went into Alpha for folks that dropped 60$ on the explorer pack, which you can still buy <,<