hacks got horrible, remember the worst of them called "The Locust Plague"? where hackers could delete your characters? yeah that made me rage quit gunz1. hopefully gunz2 is made so monstrous hacks like that won't be able to exist.

otherwise when gunz first came out and kstyle was not out yet, the game was fun. after ksytle came out i was frustrated with this new development. So i decided to try out kstyle myself it was hard but kinda fun. but when i think about it, I loved gunz even with the glitch that made you submit and learn or die fast deaths.

now that they have tried to make the new game without too much animation canceling it might be fun. but then again i have seen some videos with people already learning animation canceling techniques just by playing the game.

So I don't know how this will turn out, but it will be a ride for sure.