Got a new phone on the 5th, a Galaxy s4. Made my old s2 look ancient and I thought it was a pretty nice phone.

Anyways, it came pre loaded with Samsung's S Health app, and since my new years resolution was to make some sort of resolution within a week or two after the 1st in order to let all the celebrations etc.. die down, I decided to use the app and log my year with it.

So far I haven't dieted or exercised, just recorded what I have eaten, and it counts my steps per day, and the couple times I have exercised I filled that in as well.
(well one big change I guess... my 4-8 cups of coffee/tea a day have gone from 8 sugar packets each to a single sweet n low packet)

Started at 245lbs and this morning was just under 230lbs so 15 lost so far just by being aware of what I consume.

I figure that will taper off soon, and then I will start exercising to keep the loss going, and see where I get from there.

My son is 4, so would like to get into good shape within the next couple of years so I can do more stuff with him. (sports, outdoors activities, etc...)

How are you guys doing with your resolutions, and how are you going about them?