I'm FINALLY ready to build my PC lol. My tax refund check is in the mail I said I'd spend a bit of it on a PC...I was hoping I could just build up the one I have, but you suggested against that before.

So, the only reusable things right now I have are the case and a DVD drive I'd like to reuse...is that doable? Will this old case and DVD drive work? Sorry, I dunno much about it. I have a friend who will help me physically put it together, but I'd appreciate you input on what it is I should buy. I really like the case and would like to use that if possible.

I have a monitor, I have a keyboard, I have a mouse, I have a case, I have an optical drive...I have roughly $400 to spend. I'd like to use (mostly) the same site - everything from NewEgg, or Tiger Direct, etc. Don't bother factoring in tax or shipping, I low balled my budget a bit to account for that.

I was just gonna buy a Dell box, but I know I can do much better building my own. I don't mind a small SSD for my OS - I have a laptop drive I'll be grabbing an adapter for eventually, and all of my media and stuff I store on external drives anyway. I can always add a hard drive or ram later, so if you suggest allocating budget into the more permanent parts of the PC that is OK.

OH! And I need a wireless NIC most of all...I can't run an ethernet cable up my stairs.

Thanks bud, take your time. I have 2-3 weeks until the check comes probably. I'm super stoked to get this done!