I'm trying really hard to spend my $ and enjoy one game out of the many out there. The best part is I'm not really that picky or demanding....There are literally two things I want from one game TWO THINGS!

#1 Competition

#2 Purpose to compete

I just want to play something that feels accomplishing for achiveing out there. I want my time spent to have some meaning...I want my actions to matter to the community. I want to distinquish myself with my role and make myself a name. So, that being said pay to win is out of the water. I feel no pride spending $ to win and I can never know how good I'm when I'm buying my way compared to others. If not buying my way, hacking/exploiting my way.. I've seen many games out there failing with security and how to deal with illegal activities.

So, is there ONE game out there that can meet these (which imo I think are quite honest and realistic) expectations?