The free to play browser mmo is now in 3D! Utilizing WebGL, we have created a game that requires no downloads/plugins/extentions etc. The game runs best in google chrome but also works in firefox, ie11, opera, and safari with webgl enabled.

Titans of Time is a fantasy mmo, with hundreds of quests and several unique environments.

We are still in early beta and can use all the constructive feedback we can get.

Game Features:
Fully interactive browser-based 3D MMORPG
Combat in real-time, not turn-based
4 unique classes with special moves and skill trees
Instanced dungeons playable by up to 5 people
1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5 combat arenas
A gauntlet system where you can fight a series of increasingly difficult enemies
Hundreds of fun and challenging quests to complete
Thousands of unique and rare items to find
A vast world to traverse with over 30 zones of various difficulty
Regular and elite npcs of various levels
Unrestricted PVP
An advanced combat system with: melee, magic, over-time effects, healing and other abilities such as stealth, stun, aoe attacks and buffs
A new and growing community.
100% Free to Play and no download required

We know its a little buggy and well some things don't make complete sense, but I'm hoping that's where your feedback will help us resolve these issues. We are a team of 2 people, not some giant game studio so suggestions/feedback can go a long way with us. Thanks everyone, I hope you have fun.