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Thread: Would anyone be interested in earning subscriptions to Wakfu's Nox server?

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    Default Would anyone be interested in earning subscriptions to Wakfu's Nox server?

    I run a personal guild on the Nox server and it's a bit rough earning guild points for myself, so I was wondering if some of you ONRPGers would be interested in helping in exchange for subscriptions.

    Here's my proposal:

    Nox Initiation

    Phase 1:
    I'll offer 1 week subscriptions to 20 interested players to try out the Nox server.

    The sign up process will begin by the end of the week/next week through another ONRPG thread and redemption information will be provided through pm.

    You are not obligated to join or stay in my guild during this phase.

    However, you will have to join my guild at some point and earn 300 guild points if you wish to continue to phase 2.

    You can easily earn 60 guild points per day by doing 3 simple quests (I'll even supply the materials for one of them). Additionally, you can earn 2 guild points per fight if you are partied with another guild member.

    Phase 2:
    Eligible participants will receive another 1 week subscription for unrestricted access to the game.

    Earn 1000 guild points by the end of week 2 if you wish to continue to phase 3.

    Phase 3:
    Eligible participants will receive a 1 month subscription to the game. You may leave the guild and explore the game on your own.

    For those who are still interested in the game after the 1 month subscription, you may contact me and rejoin the guild and earn 1200 points for another 1 month subscription.

    Disclaimer: You may join and earn points with a maximum of 2 characters (essentially 120 guild points per day from just the quests).

    If there is enough interest in this, then I will follow up with the registration thread before Tuesday (arrival of new update).
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