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Thread: selling computers

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    Default selling computers

    Seeing as I work at micro center now I was considering the idea of starting a small side job of building computers for profit, not the insane price hikes you generally get with most oems. I'll also provide receipts so if any part malfunctions they can return them themselves.

    Does anyone know anyone who does this? Im thinking about starting with small htpc/basic builds first to get word of mouth going..I don't want to be sitting on a 1500$ rig until someone comes along to buy it.

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    There's a pretty high demand for PCs.

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    Two words:
    bootstrapping - Don't invest, keep every individual job turning a profit from the start (to you that simply just means only accept advance payment.)
    Jit - Just in time, don't order stuff for the shelf, order only parts for individual jobs.
    All your problems solved.
    Finally don't provide recipes, why would you want to do that? Handle the warranty for your cust****s, like a legit biz.

    Also, keep an organized journal and most importantly, time everything you do. Research, product development, assembly, marketing, logistics, every action you do you should time. That has two reasons, it saves you from getting a very low profit per time and it's extremely useful for planing anything strategy-wise in the future. Everyone records the cash flow, but time is equally important.

    I have no idea how business savoy you are, so maybe you knew all that, or maybe even know better still, but possibly it helps.
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