We're more of an rpg than a sim gaming community, but the Oculus Rift has been creating some headlines for a while. I have never used Track IR but i think it would be great to replace mouselook on rpgs.

As we know, the Track IR (a shiny spot on a baseball cap) is a possible head-movement VR alternative whic has been out way longer than Oculus. I was thinking about Oculus and I felt it might flop because Track IR is already out with all the bugs ironed out.

So I read this reveiw and see 2 major hurdles for Oculus Rift :-
1) Using Oculus Rift u cannot see your keyboard, hotas joystick or hands. This makes it largely impossible to play rpgs or sims which need you to look at your handson the controls.
2) Apparently Oculus uses a 1:1 head movement. Track IR uses a 1:10 head movement when you look around. This means Oculus is gonna cause a lot of neck pain.

Did you guys have any opinions on Oculus vs Track IR?