Thought i would post this small update on the war situation in Regnum just for kicks. Copied from another forum :-

"For the past few months or so, the realm of Syrtis in the game has been dominating war. Mainly because of their superior numbers, they have been smashing the realms of Ignis and Alsius repeatedly. Prior to Syrtis, Alsius was dominant for much of 2013, though Ignis has several bright shining periods of weeks during 2013.

Now suddenly just last week, this battle conversation popped up in Syrtis. It shows the reaction of Syrtis players who just logged in and realised that for the first time in weeks, suddenly they lost a significant battle. Realm Chat in Regnum can be seen by any player within each realm, but cannot be seen by any player outside each realm :-

During these phases where the balance of power is again in contention, wars can rage quite brutally and this state can last for weeks or even months, until the cycle again shifts. Some of the war is about psychology as players become dejected in one realm, and have to change their expectations as they try to regain confidence to plot how to regain victory. It is quite an interesting psychological process."

anyway, just fyi.