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In Episode 3 we discuss the current state of the game's economy, last Saturday's Aura Kingdom Live Stream conducted by a new GM, the incoming content update, and much more!

Side Note: Expect better audio beginning with the next episode!

3:47 Topic 1 - The Tiered Spender Controversy
17:53 Topic 2 - The State of the Economy
27:25 Topic 3 - The Upcoming Content Update
30:37 Topic 4 - The Current Playerbase

35:36 Question 1 - Sp4rkl3
37:46 Question 2 - Copestetic

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--Series Credits--
Host: Xaenex
Host: GM Obspho

Executive Producer: SaitoSempai

Executive Producer: Kame-Kun

Featured Artist: PASSiO

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