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Thread: Planetside 2 will also drop support for the 32 bit PC systems

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    Good, you can upgrade your current OS to 64 bit for free as long as you have the key

    and not having to worry about 32 bit OS means the game can be more optimized for people who have a halfway decent computer (8 (2 x 4 GB )GB's is like 40$) and the cheapest part of a PC
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    Quote Originally Posted by queenvoo View Post
    heaps of players still use 32 bit and on even older OSes than win7.

    many older mmorpgs have active player populations: Supreme Destiny, Mu Online (huge playerbase), even Wakfu and Villagers & Heroes. None of these need a 32 bit system's power and they still have strong enthusiastic playerbases.

    So unless that extra memory is used for some awesome dynamic ingame AI, then i hope 64 bit stays away.
    AI? Have you ever played Planetside 2?

    btw, these games are old. The people playing the games you have listed they will never play a game like planetside 2.
    yeah, I know, tons of grammar errors. Sorry :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey View Post
    er what? you have a window key I take it ?(for 32bit?) you can use that and install 64, as long as its the same version(home,professional and ultimate)

    I game on my laptop is running 32, cba to install 64 lazyness ftw
    Windows key doesn't work anymore it was 64 bit had to reformat the pc had problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neomazoku View Post
    People...actually pay for their OS?
    I do. /10characters

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