Planetside 2 will also drop support for the 32 bit PC systems

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    Good, you can upgrade your current OS to 64 bit for free as long as you have the key

    and not having to worry about 32 bit OS means the game can be more optimized for people who have a halfway decent computer (8 (2 x 4 GB )GB's is like 40$) and the cheapest part of a PC
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    600$ PC (not including HD and Case since using previous one)

    Windows 7 (Direct X Awesomeness)
    Intel I5 2400 1355 Socket (210$)
    HD 5770 x2 (got them on sale) (200$)
    8 GB of Ram (60$)
    PCI Sound card 7.1 (40$)
    Motherboard (60$)

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