I saw this online and thought it was a photoshop...I just grabbed myself a bottle for $15 at the liquor store. It smells just like sriracha (er, the red cock-sauce kind that is most popular anyway) so I had my hopes leap a bit. UV tends to be disgusting, sticky, syrupy, sugary crap...stuff the girls bring over because they know it'll be here when they come back...we usually won't touch it unless we're completely tapped, or get in the spirit to do a shot that isn't some rancid tequila. It pours clear, despite its red appearance (colored bottle). I worked up the courage to try a bit at 10:30 AM (this was difficult, as I skipped breakfast). I can't believe how spot on it is. It tastes like everything you'd hope this stuff would. It is lacking a touch on the spiciness, but all the flavors (even the more subtle ones) of the sauce we know and love are included.

I'm not sure exactly what practical applications this has outside of your traditional Bloody Mary, but its not that bad to just drink a shot of. Its slightly low proof for vodka (60 compared to your average 80) so it isn't overwhelmingly alcoholic either. Its extremely smooth, and is almost completely masked by your expectations of a spicy burn. I'm willing to bet a Bloody Mary made with this shit is going to be tops...and you can definitely step up the booze a bit with this as a mixer since its low proof and high flavor. I'm excited to try this out properly tomorrow!