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Thread: Well, this is awkward...malware or virus?

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    Default Well, this is awkward...malware or virus?

    Every now and then when I'm surfing the web my computer will try to go to a weird web address that has 'warn' in the address and 'sup' as the title page.
    I ran Malware Bytes to see if that would catch it, but I guess it didn't or it came back. :/
    Now I'm running a full virus scan with Avast.
    I'm not very computer savy, so I don't know if this is malware or a virus, or how serious it might be.
    The suspicious site never loads properly it seems, so either it's already defunct, my computer is blocking it already, or it's messing with my computer in a different way.
    I keep trying to Google to see if anyone else has this weird problem with Sup showing up, but that being such a small, short word makes it hard to search for specific stuff even when I ad malware in the search.

    Any tips on finding out what this is and what I should do about it?
    This is happening on Google Chrome on a Windows 8 computer.

    UPDATE: It's getting worse. D:
    This time it opened to something claiming I have to update my browser by downloading something (ahaha no) and I could't just close the tab or browser to make it go away, I had to control + alt + delete and close Chrome from my task manager!

    UPDATE 2: So I checked my extensions and voila some stuff was there that looked suspicious and that I don't recall manually installing or accepting.
    I removed two of the, but one doesn't have a trash can next to it, and says the following...
    'Installed by enterprise policy'
    It's called PPTCheckEri 5.4
    Besides this the only other extension I have now is Avast, and I want that there of course.

    UPDATE 3: Okay, so one of the extensions comes back every time I open Chrome. :/
    I delete it then it just reinstalls itself every time.
    THIS particular lil bastard is called SmartCoMPPare 4.41 >.<

    UPDATE 4: It came to my attention that it might be spyware, but Spybot Search and Destroy didn't seem to help delete these extensions...
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