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    Default Dat New Keyboard + Mouse

    Update: Took M65 back and got myself a G600.

    Update: Personal reviews added.

    Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard

    -My Review: After a nights use, it goes without saying that transitioning from one keyboard to the next is not a simple task. Add on the fact that my own transition being between a dome membrane keyboard and a cherry red mechanical keyboard. So far, so good. The only problem being that I'm use to my old bulky G15 which featured macro keys on the left side. Because of said keys, I naturally used my pinky to feel up the edge of the keyboard to get a feel where I was if removed my hand. With the lack of these keys on the K70, I've managed to accidentally rest my hand a keyset to the right on a few occasions. But thankfully, I've slowly reprogrammed myself to feel for the WASD keys instead of the edge of the keyboard. Thanks to a wonderful set of replacement keys that came with the K70, I was able to change out my WASD with keys that feature a a mild texture as well as raised edges on the WAD keys that all slant inward towards the S key. Now, you can do the same with your 1-6 keys, but once locking down my position on the keyboard, I had no problem telling which number keys were which. Not to mention that if you do replace 1-6 with these replacement keys, the symbols for each are not present. I may add these just for looks, but right now, I'm just happy with my WASD using this setup. It's also good to note that these replacement keys are a deep red instead of black and on WASD, it looks pretty dang sexy. The cherry reds are fast and smooth, but sadly due to my many years of using a membrane keyboard, I'm slamming these things pretty hard, when reds take almost no force to actually press down on. Due to this, I'm making way more sound than I should and while I will surely get use to lightly pressing on these keys with time, I think I'll pick up some o-rings just to dampen the sound till then. But even with reduced sound, I do like the idea of shortening my key press with o-rings either way. The LED on the K70 is nice and bright and it boasts a total of 3 different illumination settings, including the option to turning them off entirely. The K70 also features personalizing which keys you would like to light up or shut off individually, which is nice if you're not using certain keys, such as the keypad. Of course like most gaming keyboards, the K70 does feature a gaming mode button which will disable the windows keys. Additionally, there are 5 media buttons to the top left as well as a scrolling volume control and they all work as intended. The black anodized brushed aluminum body is very nice to look at and makes it very clear that this keyboard is quite durable. Now the thing I like most about the K70 is the lack of, well, anything around the keys. Going from my G15 to this, I am ecstatic that I won't have such a hassle cleaning this thing up. It also helps that the keys themselves are easy to remove without the risk of breaking the plastic arms you'd find on dome keyboards. Now the one thing I do not like about the K70 is how low the removable rest is. Instead of being able to slide my thumb onto the spacebar like I could with my G15, I just end up ramming my thumb into the side. This is not even close to being a major issue and like the rest of the keyboard, I simply need to transition into the K70 with time. Now I should point out that the K70 does feature a pass through USB port on the back right next to a switch set for your polling rate. Because of this, the K70 actually takes up two USB ports if you plan on using that pass through, otherwise you'll just need to plug in one of the two USB, both being clearly marked as to which does what. One for the keyboard, one for the pass through. I should point out that this thing is very heavy but as far as dimensions go, it's nice and compact. Overall, I'm very happy with the K70 and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high end mechanical gaming keyboard. Even more so due to the fact that the K70 comes in 3 cherry types. So if red is not your thing, go for brown or blue. If macro keys are a must, Corsair does make a model similar to the K70, known as the K95. That model in particular featuring 18 additional keys. So yeah, the K70 is a fantastic keyboard well worth the 130 dollar price tag and I have no regrets replacing my G15 with it.

    -Random Video Review:

    Logitech G600 Mouse

    Loving them both so far!
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