Wildstar Stress test Feb 14

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    Quote Originally Posted by plat0nic View Post
    To wildstar or to ESO that is the question? Anyone played both that can comment? My interests are solely pvp
    ESO has no forced open PVP in the non-PVP Zones (IE: No where outside Cyrodill.) Wildstar does, but only for opposite factions.

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    So happy that I could play wildstar finally. I must say even though I only got in this stress test its been worth the wait. Game plays awesome and mechanics seem really smooth. If anyone is holding onto a stress test key hook me up so my brother doesnt keep playing my account and I can enjoy the last day!

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    Yeah I played to level 10, and the low levels are so ****ing boring, its worse then World of Warcraft, the game feels really grindy, it plays ex-actually like world of Warcraft.

    Getting stuck in the stupid ship and not putting you on the planet sucked.

    Overall the game dose not feel alive.

    I think I save my money and get "wow warlords of draenor".

    Sorry to say this but Everquest Landmark was more exciting then this, sure it dose'nt have much, but it got me excited, crafting all those things, and trying to get new things, and building stuff, got me engaged in the world, it was different fun experience, Im actually looking forward to EQ:N.

    About ESO, I rather play SKyrim with MODS, way too many limitations on your gameplay, besides the game is just BAD, other then maybe PvP, they done PvP better then Guild Wars 2 in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Otakun View Post
    Early game is so boring that I wont be picking this game up. Don't companies know by now that you need to attract people in the first few levels, not make them the most boring grindy part of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plat0nic View Post
    To wildstar or to ESO that is the question? Anyone played both that can comment? My interests are solely pvp
    I played both...actually i gave away here on this forums 4 keys for ESO... This should tell you how wonderful the game is that made me give away my keys and become uninterested on it.
    Wildstar...meh i thought i like it on the first runs...then i got the same old feeling like when you play something that you already played.
    I can't give away my account but i can tell ya i hold tight my Tera chars, that will be the game for me on the next months if nothing else more interesting doesn't show up.

    About the fps, i got a constant 60-80 fps even on the populated areas. I play on an Alienware 17 brand new, here my specs:
    Windows® 8 64bit,
    Memory 8GB dual channel DDR3L, 1600MHz
    Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5
    Hard Drive 750GB 7200RPM Sata 6Gb/s, SSD 250Gb
    Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ (6 MB cache, to 3,4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Airsyk View Post
    AMD Quad-Core A10-Series APU A10-5700 with Radeon HD 7660D
    8 gigs of RAM

    I've been able to run everything I've played so far except for Dragon's Prophet because it's badly optimized. If I can't run Wildstar I think it'll finally be time for me to build my own PC but this one hasn't really caused me any problems yet.
    For the Trinity processors, you will have no problem running this game. I have a A10-5800 with 8 Gb 2133 RAM, and I test this on med-high settings. The lowest I have dropped in framerates is almost 40fps in heavily populated/active areas.

    These Trinity processors are sweet.

    I helped someone build a gamebox with a A8 processor and she is having comparable performance as I am in WS.
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