Guys I have a problem. My cellphone currently has like 10+ cute Asian girls between ages 18 - 25 who want my babies. I'm an American living in the Philippines, and I make a freelance income that would be considered poor in the states but is seriously like middle-upper class here. Now, in America I was probably a 6/10 in most girls eyes. I'm a bit short (5'8"), I have a big Italian nose and like no facial hair because of the Spanish genes from my mom's side (damn hairless Spaniards). Not many 8/10 girls in America want a lower-middle class, short, big-nosed average white guy.

Here, in the Philippines... holy sh*t. They throw themselves at me. Asian girls tend to hate their dark skin, always using whitening creams and carrying umbrellas in the sunlight. Oh and they also hate their cute little noses. Basically, the things most white guys find attractive in Asian girls, they want to change about themselves. So of course, they see my big nose, white skin and lack of a wedding ring and pretty much throw themselves at me.

My problem is that while I would love to plow every cutie available and colonize the whole country with an army of little Fil-Am babies, it's just not feasible, especially since Filipinas tend to be pretty conservative and are big on romance and love and courtship. Also they tend to have lots of brothers who know how to use a machete.

This post is long-winded but basically my problem is, how do I find my one true love when I've got an entire country of cuties who want to bear the fruits of my seed? It's like looking at a restaurant menu and trying to pick what to order because everything looks so delicious