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Thread: Retro gamers here you go! A 2d Mmorpg~

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    Default Retro gamers here you go! A 2d Mmorpg~

    Here it is...

    Jerrath Online!

    A re-release of 2d Retro-style MMORPG. Jerrath has many things to offer it's players. COMPLETELY F2P. No P2W. We have went through an ownership change and currently we are rebuilding a new client with more features. We offer:

    -Pvp (You can loot gears from other players
    -A community (It will always be what you make of it)
    -Specific Stat Distribution (Your stats are what you want them to be also)
    -Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Ninja
    -After level 150 you get a 'Sprite Orb' Allowing you to change your sprite to one of 700+ characters. We have characters from the final fantasy series, Seiken Densetsu, pokemon and more..!
    -Max level? Don't worry, there isn't one. (Grind until your hearts content)
    -There is hundreds of maps and full content is complete

    To get 'into' this game takes a little time and hard work in the beginning. Levels 1-30 are a bit harder than 30-100. Just because you're obtaining a stat base for your build you're going to be making. If you are expecting to quest your way up, this game is NOT for you.

    Most level 100+ gear you have to farm. Which is like questing. "Collect 'x Amount of Townsman Skulls and 'x' Amount of Forsaken Spirits and you can trade them for a piece of equipment"

    It doesn't take long to get levels at ALL under level 300.

    Here's a NEW forum link, you should find some content there. Since we switched owners, we made a new server.

    This is the old site. The only thing still active about it, is the guide. Which is just a weapon/helm/armor/potion guide.

    As I mentioned before the .com is no longer supported, or any of it's components. Jerrath.Org will take you to the new forums and download for the game. Also for any suggestions, there's a section for that.

    When you first get into the Jerrath folder, you'll need to click the register .DLL's and then click the Client to run it. Once you're there:

    -Click Register
    -Create your new account
    -Click Log in (You should know what to do from there, User and Pass)
    -Create your character
    -Enjoy the world of Jerrath Online!

    I'll bookmark this thread for any Q&A you guys have! I hope to see you all in game there and grow with some of you. I have never been any good at a thread showing anything off, so please forgive me for that. We want a player base.. and for such an awesome game there should be one established.

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