Why do you wach anime?

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    Anime is the epitome of perfection.

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    Anime nowadays is ****ing terrible. High school, moe, ecchi, teenagers and overall uninspired story's is what killed anime. I still watch older shows and keep an eye on upcoming shows, but I really have to be lucky to find a good one among the huge pile of steaming crap that's called anime nowadays. I have more respect for the classic narutards and bleach fans than the current fanbase.

    But yeah, this is actually true for anything, be it music, vidya or other media. Sturgeon's law never ringed so true.

    And why I watch anime? Because there is good stuff like in any medium.
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    1.Art Style
    2. They have a storyline. So is like watching a animated(literally) tv series. Unlike watching Gumball, Adventure Time, and for example Batman:TAS were where they have no difinitive plot.

    But truly they are becoming very generic. Unlike the old animes where they had their own touch.
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