GUYS, I am excited to announce that EverEmber Online is in beta!
Come join our games release and register on the website at
For Everyone who doesn't know what EverEmber Online is, here's an overview.
EverEmber online is an Oldschool, Sandbox, Openworld, MMORPG without class constraints, with a unique crafting system, player based economy, a pet system, and a unique pvp system. You are open to do what ever you want!
Some Screenshots if anyone wants to see what it looks like here
Reply with what you think about the concept and what you would like to see implemented in the game, we are open to suggestions!
Thx for reading this!

Btw, to all the mods who scan this page, its not designed to be advertisement, its just designed to reveal a beta opportunity for players interested in a game of this kind. We don' earn money off of this game and its donation driven, where the money earned from this game is directly spent into the website and game host!

Some game screenshots