So I got my tax return, and I punched my old phone to death last week. It works fine, more or less, but the screen had a tiny chip and just got worse and worse. I had enough last week after cutting my finger and gave it a solid punch, shattering what was left of the screen. Aside from some other trivial things, the phone was always solid. I always settle when I'm buying things, and I always go the cheaper route to end up being disappointed in what I end up with...pretty much every time.

This time I said **** it, and spent almost $300 on a new phone. I've never had a "good" phone...I've always had cheap copy-cat phones that fail to do what the competition does. I just bought the Galaxy S3, because a few of my friends have it and it seems like a really really solid device. I just don't spend large amounts of money very often, and when I do its because I bought something that I've been lusting over and researching for months and months. Now I just kinda bought it on a whim and I feel awful.

I have a shitty carrier, so I'm limited to what phones I can have. It was the only one even semi-good.

But yeah, I hate spending money like that. :C make me feel better about it. My PC is next, and thats gonna cost me even more x.x