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Thread: For FPS gaming, do you make sure the game stays at 60 FPS

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    If your on console it doesn't matter since most games stay at 30FPS, or even less, and it's consistent. PC doesn't seem to run games as consistently at lower framerates, especially if the machine is struggling to reach it, but a good pc can handle much higher FPS which makes it smoother. So I'd say consoles are better at running games at lower framerates because they are developed specifically with them in mind, whereas PC just kinda allows for a variety but is more suited for higher framerates.

    At least that is what I've seen when comparing the same games on different platforms. Borderlands 1 and 2 are a pretty good example of that. I'm good though with 25FPS and up as long as it's solid but now that I have a better PC I don't have to sacrifice anything.
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