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I 100% agree with this. Men and women are generally the same in every country.

I, however, am not as physically attracted to white men as I am attracted to any other race, especially Asian, Hispanic/Latino, and African men. (I have a thing for brown skin). But I don't base my potential relationships purely on the physical; I will date anyone as long as there is chemistry and he has a great personality that is compatible with mine.

Despite being highly defensive, you have a great personality that I wish more women had these days. I've dated Asian women since high school and honestly the whole "if it ain't foreign, it's boring" thing is a Damn lie! I grew up around pretty much black chicks, but I had a thing for Asians, then I moved to Minnesota where there is a decent population of them, but my very first girl friend there was Indian.

Even though my preference is black hair, olive skin, and brown eyes, I still find my jaw dropping at just about any race, especially when it comes to personality wise.