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    Default Try out this great MMO!!

    The game is Dragon Nest. Guess many of you heard about it sometime. It's totally f2p and a very enjoyable game with exciting pvp and many many classes so it's impossible you don't find one that fits you!

    Register and play for free:

    The link given is a referral link to register for the EU version of the game which is the best cause it has no lag and there's great events. Registering with the link gives rewards that will help you level easily. With a few hours a day you can get to max level in just 2 weeks.

    I really recommend the game. Also don't forget to whisper me once you register and you're playing, I can help you level with my max lvl characters I'm online most of the time.

    My IGN: Ineanova / RoyalDancer / 0raya (With a cero instead of O)

    You can whisper me for tips or any help you need! (TIP: you can whisper users by pressing enter and writing in the chat /w then spacebar and the IGN of the user. Press spacebar again and write your message. Enter to send)

    Here's the trailer for the last class released, which I personally like a lot:
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