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Thread: Best Co-op 360 Games?

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    Default Best Co-op 360 Games?

    Now that the 360 is on it's way out and has a full library of games. A couple of friends and I were planning on buying some cheapo games and killing co-op.

    So, what are the best online co-op games for the XBox 360?
    Name as many as you want. It doesn't have to be just your number 1 pick.

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    Your a lucky boy. I Co op a lot. It may take me a while to think of all the best co ops but I know a few off the bat. I won't name any generic shooters with decent co-op like GoW because you likely know em already.

    Here's a few gems.

    Tomb Raider GoL. Co-op isometric action 2 stick puzzler. Poorish story but great co-op.
    Castle Crasher/DD:neon or any other side scroller 360 beat em up. Most are great just avoid the other double dragon game as it is shoddy. There's also a few arcade/saturn side scrollers that snook in.
    Pay day 2. Great team based shooter. It isn't pvp it's full co-op cash grabbing action. 360 version is a bit crappy due to poor dev support but there is still hope for dlc/patches
    Unreal Tournement 3. I'm pretty sure its fully single player can be played co-op It's great if you missed it and should be real cheap where you find it.
    Tales of Vesperia. probably the only decent co-op rpg on the 360. Main player does all game decisions but upto 3 friends can take up arms in the battles. Offline only co-op unlike the ps3 tales of.

    There's a big list but theres a few gems

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    black ops 2 zombies, plenty to do with friends!

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