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Thread: Russians taking over Allods US and EU

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    Default Russians taking over Allods US and EU

    As u all know Allods had a rough time in the US and EU. With bad management and all that stuff. the original publisher with original developer will be taking over.
    They will start transferring accounts around March 18th.
    Great knews since Gpotato didnt really did a great job over the years i cant be more excited about it.
    Also new expansion is coming right after the transfer that is gonna change the game completely with the new stats system, new lvl cap and a new class engineer.
    Will make balancing stats a bit easier and less stressful

    Stay tuned for more info once more details comes up.

    Applying for transfer has began, but for now its only in-game. So if you guys got some Allods account u will want to transfer, you will have to download and login to the game. And the message like this will pop:

    Also they confirmed that they will be merging all the players from NA and EU servers into one, following Italian and Turkish players few weeks after.
    And the new expansion is also coming the same day they transfer NA and EU players, march 18th.

    UPDATE #2 17th March

    Tomorrow the NA and EU servers are shutting down and the transfer to the original publishers will take place.
    New website is open
    Transfer page for NA server,
    Transfer page for EU server,
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