Looking for a game to play. *Sighs*

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    Rift -> Logged in, almost nothing changed.. Sadly. Still the exact same game. PvP is way to easy.
    TSW -> Logged on.. Nothing changed aswell..
    Tera -> Some new gear choices, nothing changed aswell..
    RaiderZ -> Felt like a typical korean grinder
    DragonNest -> Tried it before, bored me pretty fast.

    SWTOR start is pretty fun. Guess I'll play it for the story.
    But oh god, that horrid UI! Isn't there any kind of mod for it.

    Heva Clonia -> No way haha.
    Hero of The Obelisk -> Looks fun.. but point and click...
    Well of Souls -> Wut
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    Try Aion? lol

    No mods for SWTOR I'm afraid. Hell, they don't even allow max userbars for F2P accounts.

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    Well Tera is getting a new class sometime in the near future. Allods Online are pretty cool and soon they will be taken over by a new company so we can hope for further improvements. And of course League of Legends for universal fun but that's not a MMORPG :P

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