Earlier this week a thread in the MMO section of the forum mentioned the lack of Roleplaying in MMORPGs, bemoaning the changes which had occurred as we advanced into the future of gaming. Such an issue most certainly piqued my interest as i'v been looking about for a group of people interested in playing a Roleplaying game, a table-top one specifically called Mystic Empyrean. The game is incredibly narrative heavy and emphasizes the characters personalities as their experience and skills rather than the number of rats the players have killed during the encounter.

The best source of information on the game is, strangely, its old kickstarter page and video which goes over both the jest and general principles of what the game is and what makes it unique in regards to other table-top engines - the kickstarter has, of course, already come to a close some years ago : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...iscover-become

How, you may be, wondering would a group gather together in a comfortable format over the internet? Ah, that is where perhaps the best online Table Top service on the internet comes into play, Roll20.net. If you're interested in Roleplaying games and haven't stumbled upon this gem of a service i pity you as it's both easy to use and free, with advanced features for monthly subscribers. With everything from web-based multi-sided dice programs to customization decks of cards built directly into the website, as well as a voice-chat service (which wouldn't be used) and a quick, easily customized play-mat view able in real time to everyone involved Roll20 would completely remove the barrier to entry that distances pose.


Please drop a PM if you're interested, you don't have to come in with a character pre-made. I also strongly encourage dropping the fifteen dollars on the digital core book, but their is a caviot at the end of it which says they understand if its' necessary to pass the PDF around to a small gaming group.