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In State of the Kingdom Episode 5 we discuss when the War Bow class is expected, Premade PvP parties, and the DDoS attacks that have plagued Aeria Games.

Side Note: GM Obspho has announced that the War Bow class is expected in March!

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1:00 - Sky Tower First Impression
5:52 - GM Obspho States Content Patch Expected In March!
6:50 - Pre-Made Parties for PvP!?
9:41 - DDoS Discussion

19:08 Question 1 - Sp4rkl3
22:30 Question 2 - deneht09
23:24 Question 3 - p0l3r

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Host: Xaenex
Host: GM Obspho

Executive Producer: SaitoSempai

Executive Producer: Kame-Kun

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