Alright, well for starters i will introduce myself, you can call me DGill. Currently college student, got into playing mmorpgs a few months ago. Been in and out of different games, which i will be discussing. But i have a few questions for everyone, which did and didnt you like for mmorpgs, and why. Im on the hunt for a decent game, as the ones i've played are starting to get boring.

For starters, i hate click to move style games, i like having the freestyle movement.

I dont mind the preset cast keys, usually the number coordinated gui. However, i like the option to bind abilities to my own preferred keys.

I like, complexity. Rift is still my top mmorpg, because there is a near endless amount of things you can do. You have different races to choose from, the usual Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Cleric. But in those you have a mass amount of options on specific classes, and in the 3 you pick, you get to spread out 60 points between the three anyway you like.

I like mmorpg's where you get to decide how you want your character to be, not a preset skills list or limited amount.

I am a big PvP fan, so i like popular pvp style games, and i prefer being able to move and attack. In Neverwinter, mostly all attacks you can not move while performing.

I also like PvE, though i find almost all mmorpgs do not exactly have an exciting storyline.

Overall, im looking for a good game, with a balanced pve and pvp. I will list the games i've played with my personal cons and pros. And i encourage you to advice me on other mmorpgs i have not tried that you think i may like, or your own opinions on other games. Thanks for reading btw, long post.


Cons- The game does not get very exciting until endgame, which takes some time to get to. Infact i never reached endgame.

As the usual, questing can get a tad boring.

Is big on Play 2 win almost. People who pay can get better armor etc, better mounts and others

Pros- I like the open world pvp. A Defiant player can go into the Guardian section and kill people if they so choose. Which i like because players have to be more cautious of what they are doing.

Unbalanced pvp. Its a challenge. In guild wars 2 pvp everything is unlocked and everyone is at fair playing level. Where is the fun in that? If i take time to make a better build then the enemy, i should obviously have a better chance to win.

Rift pvp has level groupings. like 10-15. 30-40 or whatever, which doesnt make for a terrible unbalance.

-You can bind your skills to anything you want. You can have up to i think 5 bars to put skills into to use.

-Good customization etc

-MACROS. This makes this game in my opinion. No need to button mash hardcore, you can make a simple combo style set.


Cons- The casting bar, very limited. Only certain amount of skills available to use at a time.

-Cant attack and move

-Very small pvp, 5v5. Too small in my opinion.

Pros- Its DnD. which leads to a more interesting Story line and questing.

-Has unique things with leveling above just skills and such.

-Even though you cant always attack and move, it adds a bit of strategy, setting up good combos before moving somewhere.

Guild Wars 2

Cons- Questing so far seems a little boring, and a little difficult as well. Almost though you need to always be with someone. Which isnt necessarily the worst, but i had played alone.

-The skill bar, is set for Numb pad, and you cant bind to other keys, so essentially running and spamming is a little harder.

-PvP is just awful in my opinion. Everyone is on even playing field except the fact other people have different skills.

Pros- The story line seems very indepth and interesting.

-From what i've seen (only been playing quite recently) that the map is immensly large.

-Your main attack you can toggle to auto cast, so you can dodge, and run around whilst you are using that 1 ability

-There is in-voice gameplay, not always having to read in text is a nice touch.

Overall, i want a game with lots of customization and what not. I like dungeons, pvp and pve. But mostly PvP lol.

I would prefer not to play a click to move, however it is still an option.

Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks for your future opinions and advice.