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Seya is a elite member because (s)he posted enough to become one. Elite members aren't some magically ONRPG group. Everyone who reaches that post count will be one. You resolution is not "normal" for a gamer at all with the exception of smaller laptops and that last comment is just plan wrong.

@Seya I'm almost inclined to ask you to keep your signatures as A) The first time I saw them I was glad that someone other than myself had a background in GFX signatures, I enjoy looking at them, and C) I've already posted ways for people to block you and/or disable signatures. I don't quite understand how someone can like your content than ask you to change something else. If they don't like your signatures let them ignore your threads and block your posts.

Im a she :P .

And my custom signature is almost done il be changing it sometime today anyways . Its a PNG format .
But i feel like the more people rage about them the more i want to keep them .