Hey all if you haven't heard of DC Universe Online, it's a great game. Free to play. Easy to play. Awesome community and people always willing to help. I'm looking for more people to join me in-game. New DLC: The War of Light Part 1 just came out and you should definitely try it out. The game is always updating and there is never any boring moment or what should i do today moment. There is PVP and PVE. The world is fair in size and it's not a grind fest to level up. Level cap is 30 and there is a thing call CR aka Combat Rating. Once you hit level 30 the real fun begins. You get access to new alerts, raids, solos, etc.

>>> DC Universe Online <<<

So give it try. Here's some images from in-game.

This is call THE PILLARS OF HADES and it's located in the Diamond District of Gotham.

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US PC Server

P.S. I guess it'll only let me post one image for now.
Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask me.
See you in-game!