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Thread: What are the best open pvp MMOs right now?

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    altis life is a arma 3 mod , the best GTAlike MMO u can get, open world sandbox game.
    @Phenoca it wasnt me the sound brings back good old flash gordon memories !

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    Rift is the best MMO, both F2P and P2P on the market right now, IMO.

    It has open world PvP that's pretty cool, because you are actually able to talk to the opposite faction. So there are times where I'll fight a Guardian (I consider them the "Alliance" of this game) and then sit and chat with them for 10 minutes. It also allows you to rage at lvl 60s who are really bad at the game, and unable to kill other 60s so they gank lowbies.

    It's really fun, there are also Battlegrounds that they call Warfronts but I've never done those before, I've never been big on organized PvP.

    There's also DayZ the standalone version, but it's a bug fest piece of crap right now with the absolute worst combat I've ever seen in any game, ever. But again, it's EARLY alpha, so this is to be expected. I just really hope they do plan on fixing the combat, because they constantly mention things not working, or not having all the features, but the combat isn't "broken" or missing any "features" so i don't know that they plan to change it.

    Edit: You don't have to use tab to target, you can use the F keys, or the mouse.

    Also I don't know what peoples problem is with PvP in Rift. If you're not a carebear or a crybaby you'll do fine. The only thing I can see people complaining about is that Clerics are OP. I play a cleric and I win 99% of my duels and encounters. but when I encounter someone that actually KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THEIR CLASS, those are the people that beat me, or come close to beating me. It's definitely skill based
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario87 View Post
    eclipse war looks really nice... but man YNK!!

    You guys remember Rohan and how they SOLD Overpowered weapons for hundreds of USD? Not mats, not recipes, but the actual whole weapon, which had, iirc, double the stats of the best current endgame weapon...
    Lol, Overpowered. Feel The power of.......Money! Hahahahah. Yeah, I missed the days where I have to grind to get stuff like good weapons and all instead of just buying them from the marketplace. Anyways, I'm standing-by until the Eclipse War servers open so I can try the game first hand.

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