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Thread: WildStar Vs TESO

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    Quote Originally Posted by the420kid View Post
    man you guys are all so negative lol I know its the time of the emo but its ok to be happy to have new games to play and after playing both I assure you they arent both trash if thats truely your opinion then I think you need to take a step back from mmo gaming cause your not gonna be happy for a long time.
    Asks for people's thoughts.

    Gets opinion he/she doesn't like

    Calls people emo

    Sounds about right, also who even does emo anymore? I thought it was all about hipsters now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cingal View Post
    Generally, if the game has characters which would put you on an FBI watchlist, you're playing an Asian game.

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    *waves WildStar flag.

    I love platforming challenges. Hardly enough online games offer it. I enjoy ESO's progression system a ton though. Think if WildStar's PvP feels sound, then I'll have my decision made. Going to Carbine Studios in person in the near future to confirm this decision. 4 years of following their work and I never realized they work 40 miles from me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
    Oh and also, Archeage. If it ever comes out for NA.
    I think I would go for Archeage if it came out over Wildstar or ESO

    OT: I think I would rather play ESO out of the two just because of the customization and the game's mechanics.
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    Can't judge Wildstar other than by the videos. I did try TESO in one of the weekends and it was awfully bland, uninteresting and generic. I wouldn't play it even if it was F2P and all the people I know say the same. I can see myself liking Wildstar more.

    In either case, ArcheAge is better than both

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grable View Post
    it was awfully bland, uninteresting and generic.
    Well at least they're staying true to most of the previous games in the Elder Scrolls series...

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