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Thread: Suggestion Laptop

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    Default Suggestion Laptop

    Hello guys.
    So I wanna buy a laptop and I was wondering if this laptop link can run Guild Wars 2?

    If not can you suggest me a laptop for like 350 Euros that can run Guild Wars 2 ? The details can be on low it doesn't bother me..

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    At a quick glance, the laptop looks like it should be OK although the processor is close to the minimum requirements. I find the greater issue with running Guild Wars 2 has been GPU related (if you can avoid integrated video cards, do so).

    I run the game pretty well on an Asus K53E (this specific model), and can even afford to turn a few graphics settings up without sacrificing FPS, so long as I'm directly connected to my modem. Wireless, the game barely runs. *shrug*
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    Hi, I'm a tech support rep before so let me help you with your selection.
    From your link:
    -Video needs to be higher for Guild Wars 2. Like MissyS said, the game is GPU/Video heavy.
    -Processor is mid line. I'd suggest you get a processor that runs in the 3.0+ GHz area for Guild Wars2.
    -RAM or memory is mid line as well. 4Gig is like the minimum requirement so I'd suggest look for something in the 6-8 Gig RAM area.

    If you have the cash though, I'd say you get yourself an Alienware or ROG (Republic Of Gamers) Laptop. Those 2 brand are really good in the gaming area.

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    you check the system requirement of the game you like to play not the minimal but the range or the mid. Then there you will have idea of what kind of laptop you need to buy

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    Never get an alienware laptop, it usually is a generation behind when it comes to processors. You mainly pay for its branding.

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