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Thread: Go to, look up the closest McDonald's to you, post some of the reviews.

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    Default Go to, look up the closest McDonald's to you, post some of the reviews.

    Stupid people work at this McDonald's .. Is it really that hard for them to make an order the stupid lady ask me to pull forward, so I did.. I waited and waited finally 15 min I called them and ask them where's my order? the lady said " I think I sent that order out already" I said No I'm still out here waiting! She then tells me "I'm sorry I gave it to the wrong car"....dumb a** it was the little short Mexican girl that wears all black.. Forget McDonalds!!!
    I stormed through the doors yestarday demanding my money back on my half eaten cheeseburger because it got so cold while i was eating it... and i took 2 hours to eat just half of it. They would not give me refund but gave me a free apple pie and when THE SAME thing happened with THAT I JUST GAVE UP. I LEFT AND RAN OUT OF THE DOORS AND ACROSS BUSY TRAFFIC STREET SO OUTRAGED THIS IS NOT FAST FOOD
    . .
    Food was cold, new value bacon cheeseburgers are awful. staff were on cellular phones in registers...we know all about her drama and issues of her life. also it was odd to watch multiple staff members, including drama girl ring and pay for their own meals and a manager in uniform 5ft away....a retail recipe for deception and problematic concerns if we had ever seen one. to sum it up..... a cheep, bleek dinner and a live showing of world's dumbest as entertainment.

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    some of these are really long so i got excerpts

    They have the sacred relic that should be present in all fast food restaurants - self-serve drink machines. Yes. There is no reason to order a large soda here. Just get the small, and keep filling it up. Proper seating in proximity to this machine is key. You don't want to have to walk down three flights of stairs to get to it...Anyway - drink machine. Don't you hate asking the people for your 1 part Orange, 2 part Sprite, 1 part Root Beer drink? Tired of the looks they give you, the way they don't do it quite right, and the way it's never the same as that time you first tried it way back in nostalgia-re-written memories past?

    Fear not. Because here, get your soda cup, fill it your way, and off you go to the races.

    Then - and get this - then, you go downstairs, and sit. I know, I know, I said sit near the machine - and that's key. It is. But, downstairs? Dinosaurs. I'm not talking real ones. This is no "Return to the Cretaceous." This is no BBC documentary special. All you have are pictures. But they're on the wall - and dinosaurs? They're just about the most awesome things in the history of the entire freakin' world.
    I'm reviewing this little spot because it's just my special local joint. I'm always coming by, on my way home, feeling good after a long day...and yup...there she is...ready to put me into a hole of guilt and shame so deep it'll be 35 minutes of walking and listening to Zoe Chase before I feel good again.

    You wanna know how I do it? They've got this cleverly concealed multi-value menu that is half hidden by occupal illusion at the left hand quandrant of the mcdonalds visual menu. There thye have a series of items, priced at $1.39 which used (until recently) to include a double cheeseburger (that's over 75 grams of fat for $1...if I recall correctly). includes a tiny version of a mcchicken....called a smallfiletwich, I think. so grab a double cheese and quickfilet, turn up the volume on your planet money, and try to find a seat that isn't facing anyone. There you sit, trying to choose which morsel to unwrap first, in the heady racing delight that comes from knowing you've made a very bad (but economical) decision.
    it is pretty gross (even for a McD's).

    There are always at least 2-6 homeless people outside asking for change and/or for you to buy them food. I wouldn't mind so much but they occupy the small narrow steps so you have to walk over them or nudge them to get to the doors.

    Also, due to the central location and amount of homeless around, they close the downstairs bathrooms early in the evening and then you're left only with the one upstairs bathroom. There is generally a several minute wait for the single bathroom. And when you get inside, don't be surprised to find vomit, feces, urine, etc on the walls and/or floor.

    The staff are jaded from dealing with so many rude and classless people. Therefore, they tend to be short and quick to temper. They are quick to yell and assume the worst of people (which is to be expected given their usual clientele).

    The worst part is that they shut off the ice cream machine at 2am. So no McFlurries, no sundaes, no cones!
    This McDonald's is filthy. They don't bother to wipe the tables clean. On one occasion there was a homeless man sleeping, stretched out on the seating. Staff walked by and said nothing, nor did they bother to clean any tables while they were in the lobby. I worked at McDonalds 30 years ago. Their cleanliness standard has slipped.
    This magical space ship McDonald's is out of this world. Clean and magical it's a must visit for any fast food lover. With soda fountains up and down stairs it might even rival the flagship location. At least it's as close add you'll get in a non corporate location.

    While it doesn't have a McMuseum, it does have historic dates in McHistory on the walls, including a breakdown of the famous Big Mac in the closest thing you'll ever see to a hamburger blueprint.

    Funfact: Happy Meals? Invented in 1979.

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    The closest McDonald's to me isn't on Yelp, so I had to pick other ones in the area. :c

    So Rotten Ronnie's is Rotten Ronnie's right? Right.

    I popped through the drive through on the way home from work today. Staff lacked professionalism in their greeting and lack of "please and thank you". Not the end of the world but a pretty simple expectation.

    My food seemed freshly warmed up and was reasonably assembled and heck I won free fries from a monopoly thing... 2 stars.
    Great place to visit if you are on the go. Service was quick and the food was delicious. The play place is extremely tiny but suits most people.
    I don't have high expectation for McDonald's. All I know is I suppose to get acceptable fast food and fast service..........

    Walked in wanting to get a treat after having lunch next door and the place was crazily busy. The reason was not because this McDonald's is the coolest place to be, the staff here were just so disorganized and slow...

    Our Strawberry Sundae, Soft Serve Cone and Iced Coffee took forever to be ready! Not like those are custom orders or need to be cook!!

    Lines just kept getting longer and longer........ I just want my ice cream!!

    Sadly my ice cream was meh as the cone tasted stale............ FAIL!!

    The only good about this location is the dinner area opens 24 hours! Maybe I will be back if I am drunk, hungry and desperate........

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    Only one for McDonalds.

    Real good drive-thru service. Staff is fast and friendly. Food is fresh and great! Drive-thru is open 24 hours.

    Free Wi-Fi available here.
    A couple for Wendy's as well, but it's basically all praise with minor complaints, the worse of which is that Wendy's forgot to add a spoon to their bag.
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    Typical McDonald's joint, maybe the cleanest I've been to in CA thus far!

    There wasn't an odor in the restrooms, service was friendly and quick.
    I've ordered the same thing at McDonald's for years. Nothing crazy. Today the crewmember argued with me over the order. I ended up getting just a drink. I can understand policy changes but you don't have to be a jerk about it when ppl ask politely why
    McDonalds is McDonalds, but man, this place has got to have the all the brightest crayons in the box working for them, if you know what I mean.

    They get my order wrong 9 out of the 10 times I come here AND something is always missing. It's not exactly rocket science. It's just putting food into a bag!

    Place is clean and nice but be sure to check your bag before you drive off (if you order from the drive-thru.)
    10char/10 .

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    I heard in the bathroom that this McDonald's was remodeled. Evidently they didn't do any work on the staff.
    My server never smiled, checked her cell phone between cust****s, and never asked if the order was for here or to go. It was for here because I was driving and it came out in a to-go bag.

    The manager had a scowl on her face as she changed drawers for the new clerk to take over and never smiled or really looked at anyone she was serving either. The new clerk who took over the drawer smiled and talked with cust****s. (Maybe she should be manager). No salt/pepper or sugar/sweetener packets at the beverage counter. Had to ask for it. Beverage counter was wet and had trash on it. Just goes to show not all McDonalds are the same. The remodel wasn't what this McDonald's needed.

    There was a woman cleaning. She wiped some tables then sprayed the floor and used that towel to wipe the floor! The worst part was when she proceeded to wipe more tables and even high chairs after wiping the floor!! Yuck!
    Just because a place looks good overall doesn't mean they are clean and decent. I don't think I'd like to return to this one again!
    I can understand them not smiling. It's a bad job with little pay. I would be all for them getting the min. wage increase they are fighting for...
    If they ever got my order right!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arri View Post
    10char/10 .
    k so you either live in the same city as me or those are bot reviews on a bunch of different mcdonalds. if it's the latter i'm gonna be disappointed.

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