Stupid people work at this McDonald's .. Is it really that hard for them to make an order the stupid lady ask me to pull forward, so I did.. I waited and waited finally 15 min I called them and ask them where's my order? the lady said " I think I sent that order out already" I said No I'm still out here waiting! She then tells me "I'm sorry I gave it to the wrong car"....dumb a** it was the little short Mexican girl that wears all black.. Forget McDonalds!!!
I stormed through the doors yestarday demanding my money back on my half eaten cheeseburger because it got so cold while i was eating it... and i took 2 hours to eat just half of it. They would not give me refund but gave me a free apple pie and when THE SAME thing happened with THAT I JUST GAVE UP. I LEFT AND RAN OUT OF THE DOORS AND ACROSS BUSY TRAFFIC STREET SO OUTRAGED THIS IS NOT FAST FOOD
. .
Food was cold, new value bacon cheeseburgers are awful. staff were on cellular phones in registers...we know all about her drama and issues of her life. also it was odd to watch multiple staff members, including drama girl ring and pay for their own meals and a manager in uniform 5ft away....a retail recipe for deception and problematic concerns if we had ever seen one. to sum it up..... a cheep, bleek dinner and a live showing of world's dumbest as entertainment.